Saturday October 8th

8am Endurance,
9am crossfit
9am Adult Weightlifting

8am Endurance
Teams of 4- every team has a lane of equipment like usual
Every teammate starts on a machine, one starts on burpeees

at 3.2.1 go everybody works at their station for 2:00
at the end of 2:00 your team meets up at your sandbag and you do alt sand bag cleans for 2 minutes
at 4:00 you go back to a different machine
at 6:00 sandbags together
at 8 a different machine…. you get the idea
on and on for 32 minutes
*that puts each teammate at each station 2 times

9am CrossFit
Warm Up
Alternating EMOM 9 Minutes (3 each)
1- Good for Yous (2 Lunges + 1 Squat)
2- Machine

22 Mintues alt MOVEMENTS with a partner

AMRAP 22 Minutes
Alternating Movements (not rounds) with a partner
20 Jumping Lunges
15/12 Calorie Row/Ski
10 SDLHP 95/65