Saturday October 5th

Bring a friend to 1 class or all 3!!
8am Endurance Class
Running version-
2×800 With 4 minutes rest. Run these fast
4×400 with 2 minutes rest
2×800 with 4 minutes

Version 2 with a partner
10 Minutes
Row 2000m and with remaining time perform burpees. score is burpees
Rest 5 Minutes
10 minutes
Bike 100/80
with remaining time perform a AMRAP of
5 burpees
15 air squats. switch every round
At the end of 10 minutes run a mile with your partner.

9am Mobility

10am partner wod

EMOM (with a Partner) in 20 minutes: 5 Thrusters (95/65 lb); 5 Burpees; While partner hangs from Pull-Up Bar

***with a friend new to CrossFit. the friend can use dumbbells.

WOD 2-
200RX 150 Intermediate bike cals with a partner.