Saturday November 25th

Endurance class will be at the suncoast trail. meet in the parking lot at the suncoast trail and highway 54… NW side of that intersection. THere is a parking lot for the trail there

Arrive no later than 7;45AM
Bill Sheehan Leftover Turkey Sandwich 5k… lets try this again.
Run 5k STARTS AT 8AM you snooze you lose

9:15 am endurance at the gym. Coach Amanda is running the 5k. she will be back to the gym to teach stretchiness at .. or around 9;15

10:00AM Chipper
100 Cals On the rower
100 Air Squats
50 Push ups
50 Ring rows (everyone does rings rows)
50 wall balls
25 Burpees
25 slam balls
25 bike cals.

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