Saturday November 21st

8am 9am
This is the week.. The Bill Sheehan Turkey Sandwich 5k. Although it might look different this year. The show must go on. We will be running a 5k Thursday morning. Check the board at the gym for details.
With that being said today will just be running.
New Runner- 20 Minutes at slow pace
Not so new runners- Try to hit a 30 to 35 minutes run at a very comfortable pace.
8-10 400m repeats

9am and 10am classes
Wod 1
AMRAP 6 Minutes x 4
15 Box Jump Overs 15 DB Front Squats
Max Calorie AAB in remaining time
Rest 2:00

R2: 20/20 reps
R3: 25/25 reps
R4: 30/30 reps
DBs: 50s/35s
Box: 24/20”

Rest 5 Minutes
Wod 2
2 Rounds
:60 Seconds Burpees to 6″ Target
Rest 2:00
:45 seconds Burpees to 6″ Target
Rest 2:15
:30 Seconds Burpees to 6″ Target
Rest 2:30
As the working time shortens, increase your pace. Goal is to repeat your rep count from round to round.