Saturday November 20th

8am- All Machines today because Thursday we will be running a 5k
Sprint session with proper recovery time-
Partners- score is total cals. write cals down after each round because they will get cleared automatically
10 Rounds (20 minutes)
Partner 1- 30 sec sprint for cals
30 sec transition
Partner 2- 30 sec sprint for cals
30 sec transition

We will reset for a few minutes and do this over on ski (or whatever machine you didnt use) Teams could also use a bike as well.

Thats 5 rounds each so this should be as close to an all out sprint as possible


For Time with a partner, switching any time:

100 Deadlifts 225/155lbs

20 Rope Climbs

100 Shoulder to OH 135/95lbs

20 Wall Walks

100 Calorie AAB (or machine) 27 minute cap