Saturday November 19th

8am Endurance
Teams of 4-No rest on this one, switch

Start with 5 Minutes of alternating sandbags over shoulder
Then 30 Minute Amrap of
Partner 1- 200 M
Partner 2- Burpees
Partner 3-Ski
Partner 4-Rest
*everyone will start on a station including one a rest. rotate stations when partner 1 gets back from the run
Cash out with 5 Minutes of alternating sandbag cleans

Coaches choice warm up

20 Rounds (10 each) **Alternating full round with a partner
7 Chest to Bar Pullups *scaling-pick a pulling movement where 7 reps can be finished each round in 1 to 2 set
10/7 Cals
12 Dumbbell Lunges 50s/35s *scale to lighter weight or single DB in the front rack position