Saturday May 9th

Look for all the information about class structure and guidelines coming out this week. Looks like we are close now. We will now have more to offer with the new outside area! Stay healthy friends, we have a lot to look forward to.

Endurance option!
400×2 Rest 2 minutes between
1X800 Rest 3 minutes
400×2 Rest 2 Minutes
2×800 Rest 3 Minutes
**Last set of 800’s is correct at 2, first set is correct at 1

All those 5 were fun on Tuesday, lets do 4’s
Run 400m
44 Db snatches right hand
Run 400
44 Db snatches left hand
Run 400
44 sit ups
Run 400
you guessed it……………………
44 Burpees

*barbell snatches do 22 the first time and 22 the second time


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