Saturday May 5th

Cinco De Drinko
Get your workout in before you go out tonight!

8am Endurance- Famous Train Harder Triathlon
1500M row
1 Mile Run
1 Bike Tabata
1000m Row
800m Run
1 Bike Tabata
500M row
400m Run
1 Bike tabata

*********** Write your bike cals down after every round! You get to take a second off your time for every cal you get on the bike!


9am MOBILITY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10am Partner Chipper

35 Minute Time Cap-
Hero Wod Chipper day. Partners… Split work however you want
75 Snatches for time

Straight into
“Hotshots 19”

6 Rounds
30 Airsquats
19 power cleans 135/95
7 Strictpull ups
4oo M  run.. run together

Straight into Laredo
6 Rounds for time
24 Air squats
24 Push Ups
24 walking lunges
400M run (both run)


If you finish before 35 mintues go back and complete Randy again.

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