Saturday March 9th

So you want to run a 5k? If you are interested, I will be running the Roar Through Ybor on Friday Night April 19th
The next 6 weeks of Endurance class will be programmed to
1. Get you to run your first 5k
2. Try to get a you a PR time on your 5k

Here are the two different training sessions for this week
If you have never run 3 miles without stopping.. do this
Run 10 minutes-rest 5-run 10 minutes. We can scale back from that if we need to.
If you have run 3 miles without stopping do this
8×400 repeats. with 90 seconds rest

9am Mobility

10 Am Partner Wod- split how you want
30 Minute chipper with a twist
Start with 10 burpees
Complete the following
100 Wall Balls
100 Rower Cals
100 Kb swings
100 Back squats (from the rack, everyone should be done with wall balls by this point
100 Dball over the shoulder
100 Bike cals
100 Weighted lunges with your d-balls
*** Here is the twist- Every 2 minutes perform 10 burpees.. split the burpees how you want. If you finish the chipper go back to movement 1.

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