Saturday March 7th


Saturday March 7th

We interrupt our regularly schedule wods to take everyone outside. It’s too nice to be inside.

8am Endurance:
Option 1-
5k test run. Yes it’s been a little while but use this to see where you at in your running.
One month of 5k training begins, do this if you are interested in running the roar through Ybor on Friday April 17th. Link to sign up is here.

Option 2-Row 5000 meters. Stop every 500m and do 10 burpees

9am Mobility

10am Workout: 40 minute cap. time to get your tan on.
Partner Workout- equipment will be outside
Chipper. Split work however you want!
100 Cal row
100 single arm DB hang clean jerk 5 one arm, 5 the other arm, then switch partners)
100M Farmer carry
100/80 Cal bike
100 Single arm DB hang snatch, (5 one arm, 5 the other arm then switch partners)
100 Slam balls
100 M farmer carry
100 Burpees
100 air squats
100m Farmer carry