Saturday March 31

6×400 repeats on the post office road with 90 second rest
6×200 on the post office road (I’ll put a cone out) on the post office road
6×100 repeats, same road

9am Mobility

10 am partner wod yayyyyyyy the open is over, we can put barbells back, toes to bar, and pull ups back in partner wods.
5 Minute break between each wod

Wod 1-
10 Minutes partner wod
75 Power snatches (Hero Wod Randy, split work how you want)
with remaining time Perform and Amrap of
20 wall balls
20 burpees.

Score is rounds of wall balls and burpees, split work however you want

Wod 2-
10 minutes amrap- Split work how you want
10 Thrusters
10 Pull ups
10 slam balls

Wod 3
10 Minutes
1 partner competes
5 cal bike
run 100m
Switch partners… and keep going. Score is total rounds

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