Saturday March 23rd

Endurance. Don’t forget about this 5k in a few weeks. Sign up sooner than later. There will be a few of us down there.

Endurance today is to test yourself.
Get a good warm up in, a real warm up.. which means running a few 800’s really slow, adding in butt kicks, high knees, side steps as well as stretching.
Then – New runners try to run a fast 2 miles or 2 miles without stopping if you have never run that far
Experienced runners, run a fast 4 more mile. this should be a good pace. too fast to talk but just a bit slower than your 5k pace.

9am Mobility

10 am Partner Wod – both do the runs, split the other work as needed
“Girls Gone Wild”
Run 1 Mile
Then Karen- 150 wall balls 20/14
Isabelle 30 snatches 135/95
Grace 30 clean and jerk 135/95
Run 1 Mile

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