Saturday March 16th

Endurance- 5k Training. You have four weeks until you attempt to run your fastest 5k whether it here or at this race on Friday April 19th

Two options-
If you have run a 5k, treat this as speed work. Go fast on these miles
3×1 mile with 5 minute rest
If you haven’t run a 5k treat this as time on your feet. Go slower. Run a mile slow. Rest 5 minutes repeat 2 or three times


10am Partner chipper 40 minute cap. Will anybody make it! split the work however you want.
Start with 1000M Row
Then go into
10 rope climbs (or 10 pulls each from the floor)
10 Sled push (50 meters down and back)
20 Man Makers
20 100m sprints (go every other person)
30 Power Cleans 135/95
30 Shoulder to overhead 135/95
60 Slam balls over the shoulder
60 Walking lunge with slam ball
80 wall balls
80 Burpees
100 Cal bike
100 walking lunges
1000m row cash out