Saturday June 23rd

It’s that time.
8am Endurance-
There is a reason a track is 400 meters around… because running 400’s makes you a better runner!
Hate Running- 6×400 with 90 break.. push yourself. these should all be at a fast pace
Kind of like Running 8×400 with 90 second break
Like running 10×400 with 90 second break.
If at any time your pace drops 15 seconds… for two 400’s in a row.. its time to call it day. Keep a fast pace on all of these.. control your pace on the first two.

9am Mobility

10 Am partner wod (thanks Mike Conran)
100 Cal row
80 KB swings
60 wall balls
40 burpee box jumps
60 wall balls
80 Kb Swings
100 Cal row

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