Saturday June 1st

8am Endurance- Option 1
Run 5k or Row 5 OR OR OR Run 5k then row 5k with no break in between
Option 2- 25 Minute Partner sled push Guys use 1 45 pound plate, girls use empty sled. Each down and back counts as 1 rep.

9am Mobility

Partner Mash Up: split work how you want
10 Min AMRAP 2,4,6…
Burpee C2B Pull Ups (do a burpee under a bar, jump up and do c2b pull up)
Shoulder to Overhead (RX 135/95)
Rest 3 Mins
10 Rounds
12 Slamball Over Shoulder (70/50)
50m Sled Push
Rest 3 Mins 1,000m Row

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