Saturday July 27th

8am Endurance
9am Barbell Beatdown test workouts with Cotee River CrossFit

In Teams of 3
300 Calorie Echo Bike
5k Run
Time Cap: 40:00 minutes
Time Domain: Goal 20:00-30:00 minutes
Scaling the Bike based on team composition
M/M/M = 300 Calories
F/F/F = 210 Calories
M/M/F = 270 Calories
F/F/M = 240 Calories

Format: One partner will work on completing the bike calories. Another partner will be
running. The third partner gets to rest. Teams can switch between stations as desired.
Strategy: Before starting, strategize with your team on how to break up the run. Options
include 200m, 400m, 500m, or 1000m sections. Choose based on your team’s strengths
and endurance levels.
Echo Bike strategy: The two non-running partners should alternate on the bike to rack up
calories. Short, intense bursts on the bike may be more effective than longer, slower stints.
Keep transitions quick and efficient to maximize calorie burning.

9am CrossFit
There will be two test workouts for barbell beatdown. Partner workouts
one is shoulder to overhead and pull up workout and the other is a max lift