Saturday July 24th

8am Endurance with a partner
one partner working at a time
75 Burpees
2500 meter row
50 Burpees
2500m ski
25 Burpees
800m run together. Time stops when both partners are back

9am crossfit

AMRAP 24 Minutes in Teams of 3, waterfall style
P1: 100m Odd Object Carry*
P2: Max Calorie Bike
P3: Rest

On go, Partner 1 performs the OO carry. Once P1 returns from their carry, they get on the Bike and bike for max calories while P2 begins their 100m carry. Once P2 returns, P1 gets off the bike and rests, P2 gets on the bike, and P3 begins their carry. Score is bike cals. if there arent enough bikes ski is next option

Additional Notes/Resources:

Odd Object Options

  • Sandbag 150/100lbs or bear hug two plates
  • Farmer Carry 40-100lbs in each hand
  • Light-moderate sled push
  • Anything you can think of that’s an odd object or something different!
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