Saturday January 14th

8am Endurance
Little longer time domains today with a longer rest. these are not sprints but you can push the pace since you a get a 2 minutes rest every 4 minutes
Teams of 3- 40 min as many cals as possible
Partner 1- row 2 minutes
Partner 2 bike 2 minutes
Partner 3 rest
switch spots every 2 minutes
Row goes to bike
Bike goes to rest
rest goes to row

9am crossfit
Teams of 2

Teams of 2- split as evenly as possible- 35 minute cap
2000/1750m Row or ski
200 Wall Balls (20/14) (scale weight if needed)
2000/1750m Row or ski
100 Dumbbell Box Step Ups (24/20)(50s/35s) (can use single DB to scale)
2000/1750m Row or ski
**If there are enough machines you can alternate machines. COMMUNICATE! don’t just jump on an open machine because it’s open. some might have been planning to use it.

Options for scaling
150 Wall balls (scale number and weight)
75 step ups