Saturday February 11th

8am endurance- team of 2
35 Minute Amrap for Meters
Partner 1- starts on a ski or row
Partner 2- Carries a sandbag (bear hug only) 25 feet then does
5 sand bag cleans
6 Burpee box facing step over (NO JUMPING TODAY!!!!)
5 sand bag cleans
carry sandbag back to machine and switch spots

Coaches choice warm up

Teams of 2
*Split all work as needed
35 minute cap- if the clock hits 35 finish whatever movement you are on.

50 Calorie machine
100 Alternating Dumbbell snatches 50/35
50 cal machine
100 DB goblet squat
50 cal machine
100 push ups
50 cal machine
100 single arm db hang clean and jerk