Saturday December 9th

8am- Endurance
Partner up
10 rounds each
1 minute of rowing each, alternate with your partner
we will set the rowers so you have 30 second transition time. thats one minute and 30 seconds of break every round. Push yourself

Workout 2
10 Minutes Biking with a partner for max cals
Switch whenever you want.. but when you switch you both have to do 3 burpeees

9am- Mobility with Tanya

Chipper time-
Teams of 2
30 Minute Amrap
100 Dumbbell front squat 50/35
80 Dumbbell Push Presses
60 Dumbbell snatches
40 Dumbbell thrusters
20 Man Makers

If you finish the list once…. start back over at front squats.