Saturday August 11th

8am Endurance-
Lets Run 800’s!
come in, run one slow 600 to warm up
5X800M with 2:30 Minutes breaks
or 6×800 same breaks

*no need to change this unless your are injured. everyone had room to improve on running.. run these fast and consistent.
“How fast should I run?”
Fast enough that you shouldnt be able to say more than a few words if you were trying to talk to someone.. If you are running and talking the whole time you running these way too slow.


10am-Partner Wod *newer people can do this in teams of 3
10 Rounds for Time- Split the work however you want
15 Cals on the bike
10 Thrusters 95/65
15 Cals on the rower
Rest exactly 5 minutes
Go into 100 reps of bench press, split however you want