Saturday April 23rd

Similar to last week only with and 800m run (40 minutes)
P1- Run 800
P2-Ski for cals
P3 Row for cals
P4 rest
All partners can start at the same time with one partner starting on “rest”
When the runner comes back, the go to ski, ski goes to row, row goes to rest, rest goes to run. Easy right?

9am warm up
3 Rounds
12 Wall Balls
8 Strict Pull Up
10/7 Calorie Bike Sprint

Every 5 Minutes for 25 minutes
3 Bar Muscle Ups
12 DB Thrusters 50s/35s
3 Bar Muscle Ups
9 DB Thrusters 50s/35s
15/12 Calorie row or ski or 10/7 bike

Feel: Gas

Pacing: Reach

Target Score: Sub-3:30 each round

Firebreather Score: Sub-2:30 each round


  • Bar Muscle Ups: Should be 1 set on either side of the thrusters, but may be scaled to 1-2 reps. Scale to the most difficult pulling gymnastic option available to the athlete.
  • DB Thruster: Should be 1 set. Reduce loading before reps
  • Machine: Should not exceed 1:00 in any of the 5 rounds.

Coach Focus: It is absolutely critical that athletes have a minimum of :90 of rest so they can repeat their effort in the subsequent rounds. How athletes transition from movement to movement will be critical to ensuring they have consistent rest from round to round. Get your athletes moving!