Joe Coach At CrossFit Gym In Odessa

My wife Alison and I became interested in CrossFit because we were looking for something new. We come from distance running backgrounds and that was starting to take its toll on us.
Personally I was the one that was injured more often from the high mileage running I was doing. Was I competitive locally? Yes I could race well, but at what cost on my body. I always felt there was something missing.

I was in the “regular gym” at least 3 days a week, but that was getting really boring. It was the same routine I had been doing since high school. Bi’s and Tri’s one day, chest and back another, and maybe some legs and abs if I didn’t end up skipping that. 3 sets of 10-12 reps, 3 exercises for each body part….. I’m getting bored just writing about it.

I found crossfit by mistake and fell in love with it my first day. I was injured again running and really tired of the gym scene. There was a crossfit facility fairly close to our house and I needed to use up some energy. I scheduled a private class fully expecting to go in and breeze through any workout they could throw at me… I was runner and lifted weights, no one was going to throw a workout together that could stop me. An “intro” workout.. come one, be serious, lets get into the real stuff. To say I was humbled would be an understatement. A 6 minute workout had me feeling like I just ran a 5k. I knew crossfit was for me.

Like many crossfitters, I wanted to pass this knowledge on. I soon started teaching people on my own in my garage. I felt I was making a positive difference in peoples lives which was different feeling than my 9-5 job gave me. I enjoy watching people reach milestones and I do whatever I can to help them get there.

My job as a coach is to help you make positive changes in your life, both inside and outside the gym. Crossfit gyms have strong sense a community. You are part of something very positive when you step into our gym. Your fitness level, size, shape, or age should not deter you from crosfitting. Anyone can do this. Everything is scalable to your ability levels. I am here to help you and you will soon see that your classmates are there to help you as well.

“Come in, work hard, and be proud of yourself. You will see positive results in all aspects of your life.”