Monday September 26th

Monday 9/26

Warm Up:

2 Steady Rounds 100m Run

20 Russian KB Swings 53/35lbs 6 Strict Chest to Bar Pull Ups

:10 Review:

Coach Lead (empty barbell)

10 Shin to Knee Deadlift 10 Knee to Hips Deadlift 10 Deadlift from the Shin

:15 Strength:

1RM Deadlift

* High rep and light weight to start to warm up

the body’s tissues and practice the motor pattern before reducing reps and getting heavy.

:45 WOD

Choose one of the following and perform as an E2MOM Capacity building session.

Every 2 Minutes for 5 Sets, perform 1 smooth set of:

  • Strict Banded Pull Ups (10-15 reps)
  • Push Ups (10-25 reps)
  • Ab mat or GHD Sit Ups (10-25 reps)
  • 1:00 Weakest Machine

:55 Cool Down
Figure Four