Monday September 21st


Monday September 21st

In the spirit of the CrossFit Games we will be hitting some of the same workouts that they are doing at the games this year. This is unique opportunity because usually “The Games” are held at huge event centers and uses some equipment that isn’t available to us.

This year the first part of the Games are being held in gyms just like ours. The top competitors are working out in their own gyms and videoing and submitting scores.

It will be fun to compare our times and weights to the pros. Scaling will be available for every wod. Except the row. 1000 meters is 1000 meters.

Todays workouts are events 2 and 4 in whatever order you want to do them in. Let’s fill the rowers and have 9 people go at the same time. Front squats you will have plenty of time to warm up and build up to your max.

Event 2
20 minutes to establish a 1 rep max front squat
*not interested in maxing out. No problem. Work on 5 sets of 5 at moderately heavy weight or 5 sets of 10 at lighter weight focusing on technique.

Event 4
1000m Row for time