Monday September 12th

Monday 9/12
Warm Up
12 Spider Man Lunges
20 Leg Swings
12 Lunge with Twist
2 Rounds
25 Doubles/ Singles
100m Run
10 Burpees
:15 Skill
Core Tabata
8 Rounds (4 min total)
20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest, alternating movements each round.
Hollow Hold

:25 WOD
On a 30 min clock
Every 5 Minutes Perform:
400m Run
30/25 Cal Bike
Every 5 Minutes Perform:
30/25 Cal Bike
400m Run
Target Score – 4 min per round


  • Run: Reduce distance if the run will take more than 2:30 in any round
  • AirBike: Should not exceed 1:45 to complete in any round. Row 400m
    or 20 Burpees if AirBike logistics are an issue.
    Coach Focus: The goal for today’s 6 intervals is for your athlete to push
    each round without sacrificing later rounds due to poor pacing. Each
    round should allow for a minimum of 1 minute of rest, where most
    athletes will have between :60 and :90 of rest per round. If class logistics
    are an issue, consider having 1/2 the class start running first, and the
    other half biking first. One note about the flip-flop for larger classes is
    that coaches will need to be very aware of the partners, ensuring that the
    will complete each movement of the round in approximately the same
    amount of time.

:55 Cool Down