Monday October 2nd

Ladies Week!  All the “girls” this week. Also we will get out the record book. Here are the rules for an official record. Must have a judge that is not a spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend. BFF… you get it…
Must go over standards with your judge before you start.
Judge must comfortable giving you a “NO REP.” I’ll no rep Rich Froning if he’s not hitting his standards.

If you are not worried about the record… you don’t need a judge.

Warm Up 750 row
30 pass throughs
25 push ups

20 Minutes to work on finding a two rep max touch and go power clean, build up slow.

Power Clean Elizabeth or Squat Clean Elizabeth
Cleans (your choice, squat cleans will take much longer)
Ring dips

*the sub for ring dips for today is push ups.