Monday October 2nd


Monday October 2nd

Ladies Week!  All the “girls” this week. Also we will get out the record book. Here are the rules for an official record. Must have a judge that is not a spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend. BFF… you get it…
Must go over standards with your judge before you start.
Judge must comfortable giving you a “NO REP.” I’ll no rep Rich Froning if he’s not hitting his standards.

If you are not worried about the record… you don’t need a judge.

Warm Up 750 row
30 pass throughs
25 push ups

20 Minutes to work on finding a two rep max touch and go power clean, build up slow.

Power Clean Elizabeth or Squat Clean Elizabeth
Cleans (your choice, squat cleans will take much longer)
Ring dips

*the sub for ring dips for today is push ups.