Monday October 19th


Monday October 19th

Can you guess what we are doing today? Probably? Can you guess why?
Why are doing a 5×5 back squat cycle. Short answer TO GET STRONG
Long answer.
1. Its measurable improvement. If you had 5 pounds a week onto this 7 week cycle thats a 35 pound improvement on your 5 rep max.. even if you miss a week or two or stay the same a couple weeks you are adding 25 pounds onto your 5 rep max. Some of you already have.
2. To gain muscle. Literally nobody has ever told me they wanted to lose muscle. The more muscle you have the more fat you burn.
3. Time under tension is great for you physically and mentally. 5 sets of 5 at a new heavier weight every week is no joke. Training like this shows you that you can push yourself out of your comfort zone.
4. As a reset for everyone! How many times have you heard us say “do x sets of this for x sets of reps, make sure its heavy!” For newer people this is a first good dose of what heavy feels like. For our experienced people this is reminder of what heavy is supposed to feel like.
5. This movement is beneficial for every other movement we do
– I could go on and on about the benefits of squatting, but I have some 5×5’s to do

Warm up-
2 rounds
200M run
10 empty bar back squats
5×5 at 90 percent of your new 1 rep max
*side note, we do want you try for 90 percent every week. There might be a point where it’s not happening. All is not lost friends. At least try 90 percent for 1 set. you would be surprised. we can adjust down

Wod 1
Amrap 6 Minutes
Row 1000m then in remaining time as many KB swings as possible 70/53
*treat the 1000m under a sprint pace, you don’t want to be laying on the floor for 30 minutes after the row and get 0 on the kb swings.

*the squats and a max effort on the 6 minute wod should be more than enough work for today.

Wod 2 Optional
*wall balls can be done outside on the targets or the side of building if you don’t have time to finish this before the next class
Every 3 minutes for 12 Minutes
30 wall balls 20/14
200 meter run
*choose a wall ball weight you can do unbroken or close to unbroken.