Monday October 11th


Monday October 11th

4:00 Machine of Choice
:30 Easy,
:20 Moderate
:10 Hard

20 Goblet Squats
15 Kettlebell Swings
10 Cossack Squats

Take time to warm up to your first working weight for your back squat sets. We are alternating between back squats and front squats this cycle.

Back Squat
Start around 75% and add weight each set. If it feels good, go for a new 3RM.


For Time Row 1,000m

Scaling… nahhhh. only for an injury.

A 1K Row is a truly painful test that we can help athletes have better success on by giving them a strategy. We suggest the pyramid approach for athletes. Start at an aggressive, but unsustainable pace for the first 250m. Then, settle in for the middle 500m before going for broke on the last 250m

Extra work… don’t think you’ll need it if you went all out on both pieces today but

EMOM 10 Minutes
(both in same minute)
25 Double Unders
7 Strict HSPU

Dont have HSPU practice holds or strict presses