Monday November 9th

Warm up for you final try!
Final 5 rep max test. Congrats everybody on your PR’s

30 Clean and Jerks 135/100lbs *4 Chest to Bar Pull Ups every minutes starting at 0:00.

Scaling using bands or ring rows and weight
*focus on fast transitions. Weight should be doable fast singles or sets of touch and go depending on how would normally approach the Grace workout.
Move the bar quick, its meant to be moderate to light weight so scale accordingly. Practice fast, proper set ups before the wod. We don’t want to see a Romanian Deadlift followed by a muscle clean, followed by strict press.
Just set up quick and perform explosive, fast and efficient movements

4 minutes times 2
rest a few mintues between efforts
25/25 bike cals
Max 100m intervals carrying the heaviest slam ball possible