Monday November 22nd


Monday November 22nd

Don’t forget
Thursday is the Bill Sheehan Turkey Sandwich 5k
Friday there is NO 5am or 6am classes, regular classes after that
The week after Thanksgiving is bring a friend week. Bring as many friends as you want for an entire week. There will be regular workouts as usual and beginner friendly workouts.

2:00 Hanging Shoulder Opener
3 Rounds
10 Plank Plus
10 Scap Push-ups
:15s machine sprint

Wod First today. Pull up or muscle work secon
*If you aren’t feeling like working on pull ups or muscle up work there is a decent little partner cardio piece you will have time for after.

Warm up with a few reps of each movement. You can use two different weights if you struggle with lunges

AMRAP 12 Minutes
4 Double DB Snatch 50s/35s
25′ DB Front Rack Lunge Steps 50s/35s
8 Deficit Push Ups (hands on DBs)
25′ DB Front Rack Lunge Steps 50s/35

Feel: Cardio/Gas

Pacing: Sustain

Target Score: 6+ Rounds

Firebreather Score: 10+ rounds


  • DBL DB Snatch: Reduce loading before reducing reps
  • Deficit Push Ups: Should be no more than 2 sets. Remove deficit for less proficient athletes.
  • Lunges: reduce loading as needed, 25’ should always be unbroken.

Coach Focus: Coaches should issue the challenge of trying to not let go of the dumbbells for as long as possible in todays 12 minute AMRAP. A solid DB front rack is going to be crucial to this aim. Athletes must keep their hands on the handles when lunging.

Coaches will help you where you are at with your pulling. whether thats working on kipping, or working on those muscle ups
3 Rounds, all on low rings
3 Ring Transitions
Rest as needed between sets
4 Rounds
3 Banded Ring Transitions
Rest as needed between sets

For 15 to 20 minutes work on
1 Max Set of unbroken Muscle Ups, pull ups, ring rows, banded pull ups (looking for 5 plus reps minimum
Then as soon as you drop, 20 second bike sprint
Do not do more than 30-40 muslce ups or 40 to 50 pull ups


With a partner on a ski er
8 rounds each (16 Minutes)
:45 sec ski
:15 sec transition time,