Monday November 12

All Strength day with optional conditioning piece at the end

Session 9 of squats and milk. Time to assess how are you doing and assess the group as whole. how many people are missing? How many people are flying through this? did you start at the right weight… should we go all 18 sessions…. I think we should

Warm up with a 5 minutes bike, at a good pace, get your heart rate up.
20 Airsquats with a 5 second hold at the bottom
Grab a bar… you know the drill
2 sets of 10 empty bar back squats
2 to 3 sets of 7-10 building to your 20 rep weight
Put your 20 rep weight on and go

Strength 2-
10 Sets of 1 to build to your heaviest front squat

Optional conditioning pieceĀ  (this will take 16 minutes so allow time for it if you want to do it)
8 rounds
30 bike sprint /30 seconds max burpees
1 Minute rest

watch the clock. bike hard for 30 seconds, do burpees for seconds then rest 1 minute. bike will keep track of total cals, you keep track of your burpees. score is cals + burpees.
Rest 1 minute and start over
Repeat 8 times.