Monday May 9th

AMRAP 5:00 (Steady Pace)
10 Plate Ground to Overhead 45/25lbs Run 100m
20 Double Unders/Single Unders
20 Banded Goodmornings

High CNS Lift Retest Find a 3RM Deadlift
The goal is for athletes to pull their old 1RM for 3.

Stimulus: Heavy Rest: As Needed
Coach Focus: It’s finally here! Crank up the tunes, create the vibe and help your athletes turn their 1RM deadlift into a 3RM. One note – many athletes may want to pull a new 1RM instead of a 3RM. We get it, and we’ll leave that decision up to you coaches. One note: we have the CrossFit Total lined up for the end of BL-3, so a 1RM deadlift day is coming! One quick reminder for your athletes, it’s never worth pulling bad reps if that means they are risking injury. Getting injured is the opposite of getting fit.
Additional Notes/Resources: Deadlift Set Up Tips!

AMRAP 9 Minutes, in Teams of 2
Max Rep Burpee Sandbag Get Overs 40″ 50-150lbs*
*partners switch every 5 reps
–  Burpee Sandbag Get Over: Sandbag should allow for consistent reps, scale weight so that
your athletes can stay moving. If no sandbag is available, burpee clean and jerk at 135/95lbs is a suitable substitute.

Here is how you band a barbell to the rig to set up for this

Coach Focus: The set up for today’s workout is two athletes facing one another in the squat rack with the sandbag on the ground at partner 1’s feet. In the squat rack a pre-staged and secured barbell is set at 40” with one athlete on either side of the barbell. At 3-2-1-go, Partner 1 performs 1 burpee followed by 1 sandbag clean and toss over the barbell secured to the rack. Partner 1 performs 4 more reps of that movement before Partner 2 goes. While the non- working partner is “resting” they can assist in rolling the bag back into position for the working partner. Partner 1 performs 5 reps before partner 2 performs reps. Coaches should pair athletes up by fitness level so they can use the same sandbag or barbell. Two boxes at 20″ inch height could be used if banded together but be careful.

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