Monday May 20th


Monday May 20th

Just a reminder. Murph is this Sunday. Going to keep an eye on the weather. Some forecasts are saying 100 degrees (not feels like temp, actual temp)
Watch the facebook page for updates. Most likely going to do a “Hero Day” where you can choose whatever hero wod you want. We will definitely be time capping everything.

Warm Up
3 Rounds 100M Run, 10 PVC Pass Throughs, 10 Air Squats, 5 Inchworms

Conditioning 1- Death by slam balls… 20 minute cap. The first 10-12 rounds of this are a little boring but it get tough quick. See if you can make it to 20

Conditioning 2-
3 Rounds
100Ft Farmers Carry RX-70/50 INT-50/45 BEG 45/35
100 Ft HS Walk (scaling options will given by coach)
30 Goblet Squats RX-70/50 INT-50/45 BEG 45/35