Monday March 4th

Going to have some fun today everyone… we are going to learn! Learn all about weightlifting!
Warm up-
2 quick rounds of
15 Cals bike or rower
20 pass throughs
20 overhead squats with pvc
10 hang muscle snatches with empty bar
Keep your bar out
Coach led progressions
0-1 Minutes 10 snatch grip high pulls
1-2 Minutes 8 power position power snatches
2-3 Minutes 8 hang position power snatch
3-4 minutes 8 overhead squats
4-5 minutes 8 “squat” snatches from the hang position

You will now have until 45 after the hour to work on hang snatches, power or full, preferably full. You should be getting 25 lifts in (mark it on the floor) minimum, which means your weight will be a little bit on the lower side. The coaches will get to each and every one of you. if you finish early,, just keep going. If you don’t practice these outside the gym, this is your time to practice

Keep your bar out.
Wod is
7 Minutes of Burpees!!! Over your bar
It’s not fancy, it’s not complicated….. its 7 minutes of working your butt off. Let’s see max effort here! Place some bets with your friends to make it more interesting. Who can push hardest longer.. its 90 percent mental.

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