Monday April 30th

Warm up-
750 Meter row
30 Pass Throughs
30 Good mornings with Pvc
30 Air squats
Review Pistol progressions. ** Choose your option for the workout at this time
Review Handstand walk options (handstand holds, or bear crawls, no handstand push ups subs today)
Review Toes to bar options (knee raises, sit ups)

Strength Back Squat
Back Squat (Use 90 percent of your 1 rep max, the same number you used last week, the percentages are just higher)
AMRAP at 90%

Wod 16 Minute Amrap
12 Pistols (6 each leg) (Sub pistols to a bench or one of the scaling options shown OR 24 air squats
25 foot handstand walk (sub 50 foot bear crawl or 30 second handstand hold against the wall)
10 Toes to bar (15 knee raises or 15 situps)
Run 200M

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