Monday March 27th

The open is done, time to get back to regular training.
Warm Up- Teams of 2 or 3 rowing intervals- 8 intervals per individual.
Row 30 seconds, hop off the rower, let the next person on and keep cycling through.

Strength: Back squat
Warm up and then start your first set of 5 at 65 percent of your max
5 reps @ 65%, 5 reps @ %70, 5 reps %75, 5 reps %80 *****Last set do as many reps as possible at %85 percent*******

Prep equipment for workout and do several clean and jerks to warm up-

Wod- Grace
30 Clean and Jerk 135/95

This should not be “too easy” but if it was the extra work will be 5×100 feet weighted sled push.. heavy heavy so you cant run with it.