Monday March 21st

AMRAP 5 Minutes
8 Medball Squat Cleans
8 Empty Bar Hang Power Snatch
20 Single Unders
:15 Plank Hold

Grab a barbell
As group go through drill
Whether your snatch is 225 or 25 EVERYONE can benefit from doing tempo positional work. If you think you can’t…. I feel bad for you.
Together with and empty bar
15 snatch grip deadlifts
15 Knee to power position transitions at 2-3 second tempo
10 tempos from the floor to power (you are putting the 2 together.

Every 3 Minutes for 15 Minutes
3 Tempo (tempo is 5 seconds) Pull Power Snatches

Tempo Pull Squat Snatch How To (note that the video is for squat snatches, however the tempo pull idea remains the same for today’s power snatches).

10 Rounds
15 Wallballs
20/14lbs Rest as little as needed between sets. Set must be unbroken to count.
**Looks like the WOD Karen right. Same volume, but we are focusing on sets of 15.
**Rest as needed to finish 15 unbroken, keep track of reps and rounds, don’t shave reps, it’s lame.
**For some of you “rest as needed” might mean 1 or 2 seconds. That’s fine, but if you miss a set of 15 you have to do that over so be smart.
**breaking every 15 is required even if you can do 100+ wall balls unbroken.
**if you break out a set over 15, just to try to finish faster, its a 10 burpee penalty, stick to the script.

Feel: Cardio

Pacing: Sustain

Target Score: Sub-8 Minutes

Firebreather Score: Sub-5 Minutes


  • Wallball: Reduce the weight of the ball before reducing rounds or reps. All athletes should be able to finish their appropriately scaled version of the workout.

Coach Focus: The benchmark “Karen” can be an extremely daunting workout for someone who does not enjoy wall balls and the goal today is to help them “chunk out” the workout into bite-size chunks that allow them to stay moving quicker from start to finish. Your best athlete, the ones who have a high level of fitness and/or love wall balls, should be told to rest as little as possible and see how fast they can do their 10 sets. Help athletes succeed today with their workout vs. reaching and coming up short today.