Monday June 24th

Warm Up-
8 Minutes of partner warm up
1 partner bikes for a minute while the other partner does 10 air squats and 5 burpees

Back Squat
2 sets of 10 with and empty bar then slowly build to 60 percent with a few more sets.

Then- on the clock at 60 percent or slightly less
every OTHER minute on the minute perform 8 (or 10 if you want a little more of a challenge) back squats, that will be 40-50 light-ish back squats in 10 minutes

Wod- ** Don’t throw your dumbbells. The bounce too far

40 cal bike buy in OR 40 cal row buy in OR 800m run buy in
Immediately into
5 Rounds
10 Toes to Bar (sub 10 toes to rig 10 knee raises or 15 sit ups)
14 DB Alternating DB snatches 70/50
10 Burpees

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