Monday July 6th

Keep social distancing! Nobody at anytime should be within 6 feet of each other. Utilize the outside area. Wash and spray your hands often.

Detox Day
Warm up 5 minute of run bike or row

Lets get under some weight to get our legs fired up then get into a long workout to sweat out all that good stuff from the 4th of July

Strength- Back squat
4 sets of 10 at 60 to 65 percent
Shouldnt need too much warm up for this.

Wod- Lets sweat
**Going to post both the bike and rower options in the score section of zenplanner

20 Minute Amrap Rower Option
100 Burpees over your rower
With remaining time row for max calories


20 Minute amrap
100 Burpees over a bar
with remaining time max bike cals.

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