Monday July 1st


2:00 Cardio Choice
1:00 Foam Roller Thoracic Spine Extension
:30/:30 Kettlebell Hip Shift
:30/:30 Couch Stretch

3 Sets, For Quality
5 Inchworm Push-Ups
5 Tall Muscle Cleans
5 Tall Power Cleans
5 hang squat cleand
3 squat cleans


Squat Clean
10:00 EMOM
2 Reps @ 70-80% of 1RM

For the Squat Clean, ensure your chest remains elevated from the start of each rep. The barbell needs to travel closely alongside the body, rising as you extend fully before you swiftly pull yourself under it for the squat clean. Emphasize achieving a complete triple extension—extending the hips, knees, and ankles fully—prior to descending into the squat. Should issues arise, particularly with maintaining positions or to alleviate lower back strain, consider substituting with a Hang Power Clean followed by a Front Squat, or opt for a Hang Squat Clean, especially if pulling from the floor aggravates any discomfort.

“Line Change”

4 Sets
5 Power Clean
5 Hang Squat Clean
20 Lateral Burpees
Rest 1:30 between sets
Barbell: 135/95lb, 61/43kg

*You will perform the work in reverse order on rounds 2 & 4, meaning you will start those intervals with the burpees.

Goal: 1:45-2:15

Time Cap: 18:00

Score: Total Working Time

Stimulus: Barbell Cycling / Muscular Endurance

RPE: 9/10

Primary Objective: Complete each set in Sub 2:30

Secondary Objective: Complete each set of Cleans unbroken


We are looking for Touch and Go reps here today for the cleans with the idea that each set is to be done unbroken. The kicker to this workout is that each set here is done in reverse order, which means round 1 will be done starting with the cleans and round 2 will start with the burpees. This will also allow for half the class to start on the barbell while the other half starts on burpees so at least there is a little delay with the amount of people jumping over barbells or dropping them at different times.

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