Monday January 3rd

2:00 Hip Openers
1:00 Air Squats with glute band around knees
4:00 row or bike
*Every minute starting at 0:00, perform 3 KB Taters

Back Squat
5×5 @ 85% 5RM from last week.
All sets are at the same weight.
Rest 2-4 minutes between sets.
*See Coach’s notes for athletes who did not do a 5RM last week.

Optional Accessory
EMOM 12 Minutes, rotating (4 each)
:45 Max Tall/Explosive Box Jumps
:45 Max GHD Hip Extensions or good mornings
:45 Max Ring Support Hold

Coach Focus: First week of the Heavy 5×5, Coaches, set the tone. We spent all of the last phase retooling the back squat with positional work and now it’s time to take that skill work and put it to the test. If you’re just joining along with us, the goal is for our squat work to translate into our other movements, so proper technique is critical. Do not allow members to perform a barbell good morning during their back squat.

**For athletes who did not find a 5RM last week, they have 2 options for today:

  1. Find a 5RM, followed by 2 sets of 5 @ 70% of the 5RM they just hit. Next week they would pick up with the rest of the program (don’t have them do today’s work).

Use a recent AND ACCURATE 5, 3, or 1RM to extrapolate to their hypothetical 5RM and use that number for their percentage work. If an athlete has a 1RM, their 5RM would be roughly 85% of their 1RM. If the athlete has a 3RM, their 5RM is likely 90-95% of their 3RM