Monday January 30th

Monday 1/30


Alt. EMOM 9 Minutes
1- 50ft Bear Crawl
2- 50ft Duck Walk
3- 14/10 Calorie Air Bike or 18/15 calorie Row

Handstand Walk Skill Warm Up
1x :20 HS Hold
1x :20 HS Hold + Weight Shift (lift hand off floor or shoulder taps)
3x Kick Up + Walk into Wall (wall walks)


2:00 to practice HS Walking or HSW scale.

:30 WOD
AMRAP 18 Minutes
20/15 Calorie Air Bike|
25′ HS Walk
20 S-DB or KB Squat 35/25lbs
25′ HS Walk

For scoring, 5′ = 1 rep. DB or KB may be squatted
with anyhow.

Nice steady pace for this WOD.
Target Score: 4-5 rounds


– Air Bike: 1:1 Calorie Machine

– HS Walk: :20 HS Hold, 2 Wall Walks

– DB/KB Squats: Should not exceed 2 sets. Reduce the weight before the reps. Modify with

Air Squats if you are very new. This is a single DB or KB that should be very light for

the athlete.