Monday January 29th

Friday is the cut off day to sign up for the 6 week inter-gym challenge. The scoring system makes this a level playing for everyone! Its going to come down to who shows up consistently, keeps their nutrition in check, and puts in their best effort for every workout.
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Monday Warm Up
Yes-40 one handed Overhead squat with dumbbells. this will be the last week we do this in warm up
40 air squats
40 push ups
20 empty bar back squats

Back Squat Depth over pounds (If you are capable, if the flexibility isnt there, work on it) If you can squat 135 to full depth, then at 225 it turns into a half squat.. the weight is too heavy, lighten the load and hit your full squats
Sets of 4 work up to 85% on the last 2 sets

AMRAP 10 Minutes: THIS IS FAST PACED WOD, pick weights and movements you can do quickly, dropping the bar after 5 reps means its way too heavy, you are missing the point of the workout if you are resting. its about intensity on this one.

15 Calories on Rower (15 on an erg, 12 on a bike or 200m run)
8 hand stand push ups (sub 12 push ups or 10 heavy dumbbell presses)
15 Hang Power Snatch 95/65lbs (pick a weight you can get at least 10 for unbroken.

Accessory work-
10 minutes
even minutes
20 double unders
odd minutes
Max unbroken muscle ups (or max ring rows)