Monday January 23rd

3 Rounds
200m Run
5 KB Taters
8 Burpees over the KB
3 Inch Worms

Power Position High Pull
Snatch (Power Position)
Hang Snatch


Kip Swings
STRAIGHT LEG TTB to target w/ partner (Grab yo bestie!)
Warm up snatch weight for WOD.

:30 WOD
AMRAP 4 Minutes x 4

12 Toes to Bar

10 Bar Facing Burpees

3 Snatches @60-70%* (squat or power)

Rest 2:00 between AMRAPs.
*Continue where you left off.
Target Score: 6-8+ Rounds


– T2B: Should not exceed 3 sets. Reduce to as few as 9 Reps or otherwise scale.

Scale to Hanging Knee Raises or Ab-mat sit ups for those who cannot safely


– BFB: Allow a step-over for scaled athletes. Should not exceed :45 to complete the

10 reps.

– Snatch: may be done as power or squat, and may be touch and go or singles but

athletes should consider choosing their weaker movement. A Clean variation for

those with shoulder mobility concerns.