Monday January 17th


Monday January 17th

10 Inchworms + Push Up
20 Squats with a 2 second hold


2 Rounds
15 Unbroken Wallballs
10 Box Jumps, step down
10 KB Swings


For Speed:
20 Thrusters
Rest 2:00
20 Thrusters
Rest 2:00
20 Thrusters
Athlete picks their weight, prioritizing MetCon weights vs. strength work. All reps should be done fast and smooth with minimal grinding at the end of the set.

Stimulus: Stamina/Speed
Rest: As prescribed
Coach Focus: Our aim with these larger sets of thrusters, outside of a Metcon, is to help your athletes build confidence within this movement. If you asked your athletes to do a front squat or a push press with these weights they would have no problem but when it’s a thruster, s*** hits the fan, and that’s due to the stigma attached to them. Coaches our goal here is to have athletes moving Metcon weights fast and smoothly, not finding a 20RM Thruster

AMRAP 8 Minutes
8 Box Jump ATWOs 20/16″
10 DB Deadlifts, 30-80lbs per hand
8 Box Jump ATWOs 20/16″
5 Deficit HSPU 4/2″

*we rarely do box jump all the way overs. Do not do them unless you entirely comfortable doing them. Box jump over or box steps overs are fine


  • Box Jump ATWOs: Jump over the tallest obstacle possible (box, medicine ball, bench, stacked DBs, etc). If the athlete is not jumping over step overs or box jump overs are fine
  • Deficit HSPU: 1 Set each round. Scale to no-deficit, or Push Ups
  • DB Deadlifts: should be 1 set. May use DBs or KBs, but if those implements are limited, a 135/95lb (RX) barbell will be sufficient.

Coach Focus: Athletes should be moving for the entire 8 minute AMRAP without their pace changing much. The box jump ATWOs can be very taxing so coaches should work their athletes on finding a cadence that keeps them