Monday February 5th

10:00 minutes : For Quality
:30 second Machine of Choice
8 Bar or Ring Kip Swings
10 Alternating V-Ups
10 Alternating Scorpions

Skills and Drills
Ring Muscle ups skills or work on your pull ups and dips. Progressions will be different for everyone, examples on board and the coach will help you
*don’t automatically avoid todays workout because it says “muscle ups”
not everyone has muscles ups. there are more people that DON’T have muscle ups than do. We always have an alternate movement. That’s the beauty of CrossFit. Everything is scalable.

18:00 AMRAP
6 Ring Muscle-Ups
12/9 Calorie Echo
54 Double Unders (72 singles)

*scale to assisted rings or bar or strict pull ups and dip (banded or unbanded)
Primary Objective: Complete each movement unbroken
Secondary Objective: Complete 6+ Rounds

We are tackling a workout today that is meant to be very steady with the focus of
choosing a workout option and scaling that allows for a good amount of volume to be
attained without long rest periods. The Muscle-Ups are at a volume where we should
see this done in 2 sets or less with the rep scheme of 6, 4-2, or 3-3. We will then move
into a short bout on the bike, before tackling a moderate amount of dubs to finish off
each set. Start at a smart conservative pace and maintain for the duration