Monday February 27th

Strength- Back Squat- Restarting our strength cycle-

4 sets of 10 at 60-70 percent of 1 rep max. Warm up to this! Do sets with an empty bar.. slowly add weight then do your 4 sets at the correct percent

good old fashioned Crossfit
13 Minute Amrap
Power Clean/ Jerk 135/95 and Burpee over your bar ladder.

Start with 1 rep of each, then 2 reps of each, then 3 reps of each, then 4 reps of each… keep going until time runs out.


*****There are 30 new all female clients starting CrossFit tomorrow in a 6 week program. The classes are at 7:30am M,W,F and 7;30pm Monday Wednesday Thursday. They are separate from regular CrossFit classes. Bro’s in the night classes.. leave your shirts on. Girls lift heavy weights to show how awesome weightlifting is.  7:00 Pm crossfit classes will have their own coach and the newer people will just be getting started as you guys are finishing up. We have plenty of coaches in place to make this run smoothly on Monday and Thursday, Wednesday is not a problem as barbell club is usually wrapping up by 7;30.

******I’m closing the gym nightly at 8;30pm sharp at the end of the New You class.  8:00pm to 8;30pm is not open gym. We will be using most of the floor anyone at that time because there are 20 people in the new you night class. We will be basically be running it as two classes of 10.

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