Monday February 20th

Last chance to attempt or redo the open workout is at 5am, 6am 9am or 10am but line your own judges up.
-Know the workout standards before you start.
-no open wods during open gym.
-use your phone to time yourself. gym clock is for the class


3:00 Machine, Increasing intensity each minute


40 Single Leg Glute bridges (20/leg)

20 Kettlebell Swings 53/35

10 Jump Squats

20 Kettlebell Swings 53/35

40 Air Squats


Coach will set a clock 20 minutes. You have that much time to complete warm up and working sets

5×5 front squat
Start your first working set at about 70 percent then go up

Front squat points of performance
Hips descend back and down.
Lumbar curve maintained. 
Knees in line with toes.
Hips descend lower than knees.
Heels down.
Complete at full hip and knee extension.
Bar in front rack position

8 Minute Amrap ***DO NOT THROW YOUR DUMBBELLS*** its wrecking the rubber flooring and the dumbbells. Thank you!

10 Alternating Db Snatches 70/50
40 Doubles
15 alt db snatches
40 doubles
20 alt db snatches
40 doubles
and on and on increasing the snatches by 5 every round, doubles stay at 40


Post Squat Cool down:

1) 5-10 minutes Forever pace on machine

– Couch Stretch, 2:00/side

– Pigeon Pose, 2:00/side