Monday December 5th

Holiday parties will be starting.. shopping will be happening.. busy busy busy??? Everyone else is too.  Make the gym a priority. All your hard work from the past months can be ruined these next 4 weeks. Schedule the gym in. The mall will still be there. Amazon will still be online… there will be a better flat screen out next week.  You’re health and fitness will disappear long before all junk at the mall will. Eating over the holidays.. my advice..  Have some self control. “I can’t do this or that” when it comes to putting food in your mouth is not an excuse that someone who was a strict vegan for 4 year wants to hear. Why am I not a strict vegan anymore? That’s easy. It’s completely my fault, I have been lazy about food prep, and have nobody to blame but myself.   Invest in yourself, have fun, enjoy but don’t indulge.


ALL 3’s week, we are maxing out next week. Heavy 3’s for you strength this week.. but we are doing it a little different.
You’re last set it a 3+. You’ll do you’re first 4 sets after you are warm with about 85% of your 1rm.. Keep the weight the same all 5 sets.  that third rep should be very hard, but doable. Then on your last set do as many reps as you can.. might be 5 might be 10.

Back Squat
3,3,3,3, 3+ (last set max reps)


3 rounds for time-
5 push jerks 155/105
10 bupees
10 Front squats 155/105
10 burpees

*do the extra work this week!! it’s awesome.

Extra- Sand bag partner run. 1 mile.. take a sand bag with you.. share the work.